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Reporting from DevConnections / SharePoint connections, Las Vegas: Closing thoughts and speculation on the next version of SharePoint

Just back from the final sessions here at the DevConnections / SharePoint Connections conference in Las Vegas.

As with any event like this there were the Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly sessions. 

My personal favourites were from some of the usual suspects: Andrew Connell gave a great session on WCM which included one the clearest explanations of how SharePoint works under the bonnet which I have heard,  Todd Baginski gave a good session on the BDC and one of my favourite sessions was from a name new to me, Michael Noel, on SharePoint and virtualisation.  It was here that I heard a rumour regarding the next version of SharePoint....

... there is speculation, (and only speculation) that the next version of SharePoint will ONLY run on a 64bit platform.  As an aside, the general view from this event is that MOSS is best deployed on a 64 bit platform anyway. There is obviously a longer conversation to have here.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Connell and Mr. Baginski then I recommend that you check out their respective blogs and web sites.  They both promised to post their Conference content.  Todd’s includes an .stp file which contains a pretty good demo of the BDC web parts which ship with MOSS, complete with instructions.  They are both easy enough to find but here are the links.



I must just have a quick rant on one subject:

Presenters, please don't start your sessions with excuses! 

Things I have heard here this week include, "It's not my slide deck", "I am not supposed to be doing this presentation",  "The VPC I was sent doesn't work", "You can laugh at me if you want", "I may fall off the stage", "I can't dress myself" (seriously).

 Sure anyone can suffer the odd, unavoidable technical blip, but these should be few and far between.  Anything else is just poor preparation!  One guy (who shall remain nameless) had an audience of 100+ sat there watching whilst he searched in vain for the correct VHD file on his laptop so he could do the demo.  Just not good enough when people pay to see the show.  It was a shame because the rest of his presentation was pretty good.

The Latin Grammys are being held here in the Mandalay Bay hotel tonight and the sight of thousands of IT Pros, still wearing the Windows Mobile baseball caps, free promotional t-shirts and coloured back packs mixing with the glittering, glamorous, Latin celebrities (who I don't recognise) is a little surreal.  Only in Vegas I guess.

Overall, a pretty good event and one I would recommend for next year.  I have a few days off now before I fly back to the UK,  now I wonder what there is to do in Las Vegas then?????







Published 08 November 2007 21:53 by sgarfield71


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