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October 2008 - Posts

SharePoint lets you customize just about anything, and one of the things I have used in various features a few times is a custom action in the dropdown menu for list items.  Here I will briefly go through how to define a custom action in a feature. Read More
 Sometimes it may not be possible to actually receive an alert email on your system - maybe its a dev environment that doesn't support email, or exchange might be throwing a hissy fit, or maybe you just don't want to wait for the email to filter Read More
This is something that can really have you pulling your hair out, but here is a great little trick I found on Tyler Holmes's blog (http://blog.tylerholmes.com/2008/02/deleting-content-types-in-sharepoint.html).   I always seem to have trouble finding Read More
  I was quite suprised that creating an SPUser object from the information contained in a "person" type list field is not straight-forward.  After trying a few ways myself, I decided it was time to hit the search engine.   I found the solution on Read More
    Sometimes, you just need to know the trick......   Recently was scratching my head over a problem I encountered whilst developing a solution on my virtual machine. I had to load a lot of data from spreadsheets in to custom lists within MOSS. No Read More
There area number of DLL's from Office 11 upwards that are required by MOSS to provide access to its full suite of functionality, from things like being able to edit lists in Datasheet view, to being able to upload multiple documents at once. Read More
  Microsoft’s Performance Monitor application makes a wealth of information about the components of your server available to you. In fact, there is probably too much information available, especially for the uninitiated!I like to use a few different Read More
 You can see MOSS's out-of-the-box rendering of sharepoint pages for mobile devices by pointing your browser to something like http://[PortalUrl]/[site]/_layouts/mobile/default.aspx   Adding the MobilityRedirect feature to the portal allows a url like Read More