Wow, long time no post; not that there wasn’t anything to blog about just a serious amount of 2010 work out there :)

Well some good news here; the TIFF iFilter available in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 allow you to search the text in .tiff scanned documents; this is because it does OCR on the fly.

How to get it working:

  • Add the TIFF feature to your indexing server.
  • Add the Windows 2003 indexing role to your indexing server.
  • Start the indexing service on your indexing server.
  • Enable TIFF OCR scanning through group policy on the indexing server:
    • gpedit.msc
    • Local Computer Policy –> Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> OCR
  • This is important: REBOOT server / Restart the SharePoint 2010 service (I always prefer a good old fashioned reboot)

Sweet, now we have decent OCR recognition for our scanned in .tiff documents without the extra cost of other solutions.


Doug McCusker