Seems like a day for Reporting Services.

Here are the brief steps to get Reporting Services 2008 to work with SharePoint 2007:

  • Install Reporting Services on a computer that it is already part of the SharePoint Farm / or setup a new machine, install MOSS connect to farm and then install RS.
  • Create and configure the SSRS database in SharePoint integrated mode using Reporting Services Configuration Manager.
  • Install SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint Technologies, now this is IMPORTANT; install it using the rsSharePoint.msi SKIPCA=1 command on all your SharePoint  servers that are part of the Farm and have the Windows SharePoint Services Web Application on them (this means WFEs and Central Admin).
  • On the server running Central Admin execute the rsCustomAction.exe /i command (this file is copied to your computer by SharePoint Reporting Services Add-In and is generally located in the Temp directory (if you can’t find it there, do a computer search for the file).  Do not run the rsCustomAction.exe command a second time on any other server as it will basically remove the feature.
  • Grant database access and configure the Reporting Services via in Central Administration.
  • Enable the Report Server Integration site collection feature on sites you want to use the web parts / integration on

Happy days :)


Doug "bobTheBuilder" McCusker