Here is a nice one:


  • User has a property changed in AD (like surname when married)
  • Changes do not reflect in SharePoint 2007 when you view the user

Troubleshooting and Solution:

  • First check that none of your content databases are in “offline” mode, if they are then changes will not be able to be written to them.
  • Check that you are not having any synchronization events in the event log, this can happen if you previously moved a content database to another Web Application / moved SSPs without running the stsadm –preparetomove command.
    • This is no longer necessary after the Infrastructure Update / SP2
  • If you are still having the issue, then you can run the new stsadm –o sync ingoreisactive 1 command, this will force a fresh update on all profiles
    • This is only available to SharePoint 2007 builds 12.0.6314.5000 and upwards.
  • Once done, perform a full user profile import and the changes should now reflect

Alternative Solution:

  • Create a test account
  • Migrate the problem account to the test account using: stsadm –o migrateuser –oldlogin domain\problemAccount –newlogin domain\testAccount
  • Migrate the testAccount back to the old problem account: stsadm –o migrateuser –oldlogin domain\testAccount –newlogin domain\problemAccount
  • Done.


Doug “bobTheBuilder” McCusker