Here are some of the reasons i love working with Sharepoint:

1)The main reason why i love SharePoint: It go's a long way to solving business problems of effective collaboration and knowledge retention + retrieval + management in the workplace (and the next version will improve this even further).

2)  Sharepoint touches so many technologies and doesnt confine you to a limited space in your information department. You are always growing and learning. How many .Net Developers do you know that get to work with so many technologies listed below at the same time? Awesome!

  • SharePoint Technologies
    • WSS
    • SPS
    • Enterprise Search
    • Workflow
    • Extranets
  • Visual Studio.Net (, API development, Webpart development)
  • Windows 2003
  • Active Directory
  • SQL Server 2000/ 2005  (Database and Reporting Services).
  • Business Scorecard Manager and Performance Point and many other BI technologies.
  • Office System integration (e.g. Word, Excel, Project)
  • Frontpage 2003 (I unashamedly admit it. I love this product. B.T.W... Sharepoint Designer 2007 is even better!)
  • Other integrated products of which there are many!

3) Sharepoint is extensible and scalable. You can extend and customise most aspects of the product based on the requirements of the business.

4) Sharepoint is increasingly becoming the centrepoint for collaboration, business process management / automation. The result is that as end users learn how to use the product, more value is derived from the investment and more knowledge is retained by the business.

5) The Sharepoint  integration into the Office System might seem like a feature released by Microsoft to get more sales, but it really is fundamental and necessary to the future success of the product. End users must be able to seamlessly work in Word and, for example, save a document to Sharepoint in the same way we save a document to our hard drive.

6) One often overlooked point is the "Changing Organization": Sharepoint handles change very well. As the organization grows, so does the Sharepoint deployment.  A developer and administrator has ability to rapidly deliver functionality based on end user requests . Sharepoint is designed to handle change!

Its amazing how far SharePoint has come over the last 6 years. From clunky Sharepoint 2001 (v1.0) with its many issues, to great Sharepoint 2003 (v2.0) and now on to Sharepoint 2007(v3.0) with all the awesome features it provides.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next 6 years!